Interpreted Services at Awaken Life Church

Elevate your Sundays at 10am by tuning in our livestream for a profound experience with Christ Jesus. Contact Alicia or Becky for more details on services that we provide.

Divine Hands Signing Ministry + Awaken Life Church

Divine Hands Signing Ministry, deeply intertwined with Awaken Life Church, is not only dedicated to fostering inclusivity but also has profound commitment to sharing the gospel with the Deaf and hard-of hearing community. Our interpreted Sunday services go beyond accessibility, aiming to deliver God's truth to individuals who communicate primarily in American Sign Language.

In addition to providing accessible worship experiences, the ministry desires to teach others within the congregation to share the gospel effectively with the Deaf/Hoh attendees. Our mission extends beyond the church walls as they are in the process of developing sign language classes to equip others with the skills to communicate the love of Christ to the Deaf/Hoh community. Together, Divine Hands Signing Ministry and Awaken Life Church are creating a space that transcends linguistic barriers, ensuring that everyone, regardless of hearing or signing ability, can engage and support one another in their walks of faith.

Online Resources

Deaf Bible Society - Their mission is to provide the Bible by video in the world's many sign languages.

Deaf Church Where - The website functions as a comprehensive national directory, dedicated to churches with Deaf Ministry offerings. The link provides detailed information about our specific church, outlining the range of services tailored to meet the needs of the Deaf Community in North Phoenix.

Deaf Missions - Their mission is to clearly communicate the Gospel of Jesus through their heart language, culture, and identity. Jesus Film, ASLV Bible translation, and Deaf ministry resources are examples of services they provide.

Deaf Harbor - Their mission is to provide clear Bible resources in ASL, transformational special events, in-depth training, and meaningful Christian fellowship opportunities leading to new life and a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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